Behind the tee is the brainchild of Margie Tolcher, and was designed to give blind /vision impaired golfers, their families/friends and other interested people access to the thousands of photos that Margie takes at Blind Golf Tournaments all over Australia. Margie became involved with Blind Golf through her partner Craig who is a caddie and their friend Darren who Margie’s partner caddies for. She travelled to her first event with Craig and Darren in Adelaide during 2021. She had nothing planned on a particular day and asked if she could come along and watch. While at the tournament she was amazed at how these golfers were playing as, like many people she never quite grasped how people who had trouble with their vision could possibly play golf. She made some enquires and found out there was very little in the way of photos being taken to record play so after enthusiastic support from the President of Blind Golf Australia and the President of Blind Golf South Australia she decided to combine her passion for photography and all things social media with her support of Craig and Darren. This resulted in Margie travelling to tournaments all over Australia taking photos of players/caddies in action as well as hopefully shining a light on the sport of Blind Golf which continues to amaze and inspire her. After receiving many requests for copies of her photos she decided their had to be an easier way for people to access them. As a result Behind The Tee was born. Margie is now an integral part of the blind golf family and is welcomed with open arms at every tournament she attends, even to the point her friend and Blind Golf Player Darren jokes she is more well known and more liked than he will ever be! Margie sincerely hopes players, their family and friends as well as other interested people get as much enjoyment from these photos as she has taking them. She also hopes that this website can play a role in highlighting the enormous benefits golf gives to these players and showcase the incredible level of skill and passion that continues to inspire her every time she steps onto a course.

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